Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction (UK)

Territory: World

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction were created in 1986 by author/poet Mark Manning. 
Now a days, the band is recognized as the creators of sleaze rock ,and has a major influence on many of today's bands. 

The band went on to tour with Motorhead, Guns and Roses and Iron Maiden, and at their peak in 1988 , Alice Cooper borrowed a cast off song (Feed my Frankenstein) from their second album and turned it into a worldwide hit, and it is still a part of Alice's current stage show. 

AND, their dress style changed the face of modern rock music. At a time when big hair and spandex were considered acceptable, the filthy worn denims, scuffed leathers and prolific tattoos created a major stir. They looked more like a biker club than a rock band. You will see their influence in every rock band performing today.

The band have recorded several albums , starting with High Priest of Love in 1986. Tattooed Beat Messiah followed in 1988 , with several hit singles. Prime Mover their biggest hit came from there. 

Their follow up album " Hoodlum Thunder" was released to critical acclaim in 1991 , but failed to receive major backing from the record label. The band recorded a further 2 albums (My Life Story & One More Knife) before retiring for a 10 year hiatus. 

In 2002, following a chance meeting in the street with co conspirator and guitarist Cobalt Stargazer, 
the band resumed their careers with a new album " I am Rock", followed by the live album "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (2004), "Rock Savage" (2005), "Pandora's Grizzly Handbag" (1986 live album and DVD) (2006) and "We Are Volsung" (2010). They are now currently working on new material, and today's The Love Reaction consists of original band members Zodiac Mindwarp on vocals, Cobalt Stargazer - and his infamous guitar "Sleazegrinder" and long time band member Robbie Vom on drums, and the newbie Beast Of Ante on bassguitar!

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