Synthetic Gentlemen (NOR)

Territory: Scandinavia

"Colourful alternative rock in an amazingly atmospheric landscape that grabs you by the soul."

A particularly dark and cold night in February, the year 2016, had gathered six dark Synthetic Gentlemen in wet jackets and black suits in a small area in Tønsberg, Norway. They all had embarked there with a dream ... ambition ... a vision ... to create something new and different. A culmination of both new and old. An idea that rock is not yet dead, that it can reoccur, and climb its way up in the collective consciousness once again. As a mastodon! As a giant! Like a king! And it will shine like the new and outstanding ruler of stadiums, arenas and stages worldwide! As a wave across the continents will dream of a world in perpetual overdrive and distortion reign once again! And the storm has only one name ...

Synthetic Gentlemen!

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