Barbed Wire (NOR)

Chontaraz (NOR)

Chris Holmes & The Mean Men (US)

Come Taste The Band featuring Doogie White (NOR)

Coverman, A tribute to the Gods of Rock (NOR)

Dyna/Mite - A tribute to AC/DC (NOR)

Equinox (NOR)

Hr. Smiths Venner, en hyllest til Jokke (NOR)

Painkiller, a tribute to the Metal Gods (NOR)

Queen Real Tribute (RS)

Scumbag Millionaire (SWE)

ShadowQuest (SWE)

Smash Into Pieces (SWE)

Synthetic Gentlemen (NOR)

Tonic Breed (NOR)

The Last Band (SWE)

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction (UK)

U.D.O. (GER)